About Curious Wisdom

    Just one lucky lady who is married to her best friend. Living and blending yours, mine, and ours!  A SAHM with three rowdy little girls a parakeet a dog and two hamsters! A  Jill of all trades.....Part time dental billing and coding specialist, full time on call hairstylist and emotional liaison. I enjoy networking with fellow bloggers and am eager to develop a relationship with advertisers! I love to create and decorate on a dime! I cook. I clean. I love! I am a eager student learning from life's curious wisdom!


  1. plus you are gorgeous =) you forgot that... thought i'd throw a twist in and comment here instead from the gfc blog hop. so nice to meet you. hope you are having a blast. I co-hosted a few weeks ago and loved it. newest follower.

  2. Aww:) Thanks! I loved co hosting! It was fun! Thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you! Stopping by to return the favor today:)