Get Skinny!

 I was happy to receive and review this great book! It was actually at an ironic time for me! After two years of devoting my time and body to pregnancy and nursing I felt it was time to get back in shape! I had begun my journey to fitness on the treadmill walking three miles a day. After a full month with no weight loss I began to wonder what I was doing wrong! I received Scott's book in the nick of time! So many of my unanswered questions were within the pages of his book Get Skinny! The 6 week body challenge.

    This comprehensive guide to weight loss was exactly what I had been looking for! I regrettably do not have six weeks of experience to relate upon, but do intend to give this program a shot! I was immediately drawn into the personal stories included in this book. Betty who as so many of us have... struggled with weight gain as she raised her young family. Personal time for herself minimal. Upon finding the proper tools was she willing to find the commitment to change within herself. There is also the story of Gregory J. E. Ladas the founder of The Couch Potato Diet. His struggle to overcome comfort foods is one we can all relate to!

    Sharing his own story is Scott Schmaltz himself. Severe degenerating arthritis in both his hands challenged him to overcome pain and loss of function, rebuilding his body from atrophy after numerous surgeries. An amazing man who overcame his own defeats to help others achieve.

    I found this program to be easy to follow. The meal plan available and an actual realistic menu.Scott is with you every step of the way explaining in easy to read formats the changes in each week. From understanding food labels and the basics of food timing to understanding carbohydrates. All of your questions will be answered!

    The workouts also seem to be realistic and manageable. Using equipment we all have access to! Comprehensive formats broken into warm ups, exercise, cardio, and stretching. Each week is devoted to a different purpose which at the end of six weeks add up to total fitness while maximizing your time! The five fitness components are also explained in a way that stresses the importance of each component making you feel the value of achieving total fitness.

    I enjoyed reviewing this book and cannot wait to put it to good use! Make sure to get your copy April 1st 2012! No foolin! Get this book!


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