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Love, Hugs, and Hope

    We have all been affected in one way or another by tragedy...

    Coping with tragedy and devastation is a fact of life! Learning to develop the tools needed to survive heartbreak is something that can never quite be perfected, as each unique situation evokes its own host of emotion. Being an adult dealing with heartache differs greatly from that of a child coping with loss. A child has not had the chance to learn the valuable mechanisms needed to understand the motivations of the world and the individuals which inhabit the world.

    I was happy to have the opportunity to review Love, Hugs, and Hope! (available atas an ebook!) Within the covers of this beautifully illustrated children's book are the simple teachings that a child needs to understand that they are not alone "When Scary Things Happen"

    This wonderfully written and expressive book allows the child to understand that the range of emotions they feel when dealing with tragedy.... are OK! Normal feelings that everyone feels when confronted by loss! Inspired, written, and illustrated for the children of Sandy Hook. Love, Hugs, and Hope is truly a treasure! A must own for every child in your life. Unfortunately we never can be prepared for the untimely misfortune of tragedy, but we can....step by step, little by little, introduce our children to the feelings they will feel!

    Equally impressive are the lessons of Hope expressed in this book! Encouraging young readers to find creative and constructive ways to express their feelings! I found this especially important!  As adults we know that it is essential that we get our emotions out to deal with, rather than hide them inside waiting for the inopportune moment that they burst! Although personally not affected by Sandy Hook. My young children found peace in the knowledge of this fine read!

    Tragedy in the eyes of a child can be a myriad of situations! Divorce, death, world tragedy, and so many other challenging situations! The messages in this book can be applied and of comfort for any child dealing with difficulty!

     A must have in my opinion! You may purchase Love, Hugs, and Hope as an ebook! The print edition will be coming later this year! Please visit, or to get your copy today! 

Disclosure: I received a  sample of the featured product to facilitate this review. All opinions and views expressed are  my own!

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